Japan World is a Custom World for The Sims 4 with a Storyline. The pack includes CC and Save File. To install this mod, first extract the RAR. Then copy&paste the save file to your save folder. And copy “JapanWorldMap.package” directly in Mods folder. Then copy paste other mods to your mods folder.

Optional : After copying the mods, start Mod Conflict Detector to see if you have any Duplicated mods. Clean them.

Some Info Without Spoiler

This world has it’s own mayor, who lives in the Red Dragon replica. All decorations, outfit choices, names selected carefully. Some sims has names or surnames, it is just a coincidence. Except ; Sua Kai and Ayumi Touki are sisters. Monica Ward isn’t japanese, she is the (bad) step mother of the twins. There are all kinds of sims to be friends with. There are Kai’s, they own the Kawaii Cafe. There are poor farmer sims, cosplayers, hippies, transgenders, yakuza members, rich sims. There is an awesome place called Art & Mind Institute, you can go there and use all the equipments for free and skill up. There is a shelter for stray dogs, and a park for the kids (but there isn’t any toddler in the map). There is also the main character Koichi Sakurai, (you might remember him as a sim model, it was released early as a hint) he is a detective who just moved in, and working on a really important case. But if you don’t wonna ignore the story line, there are a couple empty lots for your sims. I hope you enjoy the map as much as I did. 🙂

(You can find the full story at the end of this page, with a spoiler alert ofcourse.)




This is the Storyline part. If you want to discover the story of this beautiful city, please do not click the Storyline button. If you don’t want to discover it, want to ignore gameplay or just couldn’t figure it out click the Storyline button.

Realize a sim missing? There is a young male sim at the characters photo.. But.. You didn’t see him in the game.. So what’s up with him?

Since Yua Niko become the mayor, lots of things has changed. Her rich friends from other cities wanted to open shops, restaurants and malls to city but they were a little shy about taxes. So, in order to lower their taxes she rise up small shop owners’. She made up a rule, %15 more taxes for the shops with no traditional or themed concept because they don’t attract tourists.

When Hun KAI saw it on the newspaper he was devastated cuz he was barely taking care of his family. So he took a loan from bank and turned his restaurant in to a Kawaii Cafe. He thinks, painting something pink is enough to make it cute. You can see at the restaurant, even the toilets are pink.

And Daiko saw how sad and tired his father was so he wanted to talk to Hineto Niko about it, because Hineto was acting very friendly to the citizens. Daiko heard that Hineto was going to beach that day, so he took a day off and go to the beach. While planing what to say, how to say he saw Hineto there.

And Daiko saw how sad his father was so he wanted to talk to Hineto Niko about it, because Hineto was acting very friendly to the citizens. Daiko heard that Hineto was going to beach that day, so he took a day off and go to the beach. While planing what to say, how to say  ; he saw Hineto there.

Something wasn’t right.. Why would he swim with a shirt, it was hot as hell.. So he go a little closer and thats when he saw what Hineto was hiding. He had a tattoo. Not a random, regular one. He was a yakuza member.

Daiko was shocked. It was all making sense.. How Yua become a mayor, how taxes randomly go up and down, how she made up stupid laws.. Hineto’s connection was behind all of this..

He told what he saw to his brother, first he didn’t believe him. Then Daiko and his Brother Akio searched Hineto, to make sure if he was a Yakuza member for real. And they found bunch of news, deleted pages, forbidden websites. But without even talking about it his dealer called Daiko, so he said to his brother that he needs to meet with a friend and they will talk about it when he came back home.

Quentin was waiting Daiko at the back of the Kawaii Cafe. (Quentin is the Drug Dealer of the town, Basemental Drugs). He was so stressed so he took the pills right there.. And a while later, they start chit chat. And Daiko told what he saw without noticing but Quentin wasn’t that high. He asked about more details then make an excuse and leave. But what Daiko wasn’t know that…. Quentin was working for Hineto!

Quentin told everything to Hineto, he was furious. He rushed to Kawaii Cafe, Daiko was still at there, talking to himself, mumbling.. And when he saw Hineto he knew whats going on, he panicked and picked his knife and try to stab him. He didn’t want to kill him or anything but he was high and scared..

But he didn’t know, Hineto had a gun… He begged him for his life, promised not to tell anyone but Hineto wasn’t convinced… So he killed him. Without blinking an eye. Hineto paid Quentin to access security cameras and delete the footage.  And hide Daikos body.. WHO KNOWS where.. His family wasn’t even sad, they were mad because they thought he just run away and will come back when he needs money. But Aiko, his brother.. He guessed what happened but couldn’t tell his family.. So he anonymously report the situation, send a mail to a known detective from a different city.

Koichi Sakurai was a famous detective. As soon as he got the mail, he rent the container house near the Kawaii Cafe and start working on the case. As soon as he go to Hineto’s house, to ask some questions, Hineto played the innocent and said this is harassment and he will report him. And he wasn’t joking. He easly filed a restriction order, they forbid Koichi to go that house again. But even after the investigations he couldn’t found the Daiko’s body.

The reason why Koichi couldn’t find the body is that he lost his chance. Because Hineto hide the body at his own house. With his wife Yua’s help they moved the body inside of  the decorative tower they have at their garden…

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